Pixel Phone

A current event is the release of Pixel a phone made by Google. It has the highest rated smartphone camera in history, and it’s the first phone with the Google Assistant built in. In addition it has an unlimited photo and video storage. The phone charges in 15 minutes and has a 7 hour battery life. It comes in  3 different colors with 2 different sizes to choose from. The power button also allows for quick unlocking with fingerprint recognition. My opinion of the phone is that it will be very reliable for photographers that need to take pictures at a short times notice and business men. I think this because the phone has a very fast processor and great camera. A question that I have is what are the different range of colors that they will release in the future because currently they only have Quite Black, Very Silver and Really Blue?us_only-pixel_phone_b_blue_uncropped_v2_simplified-0