Fredrick Douglass

Fredrick Douglas was born into slavery. Since he didn’t know his birthday he chose February 14. A question I have is how did he think he impacted history?


Origin of Black History Week

At first Black History Month was known as “Negro History Week” in 1926. The creator want black families to honor family values. I think that Black History shouldn’t just get one month but to celebrate it every month. A question I have is why it is only a month?

Assassins Creed

A new movie that just came out not too long ago was Assassins Creed. I saw it the day it came out and I thought it was a very good movie. If you are planning to see the movie and don’t want any spoilers stop reading this article. I liked the plot twist when Callum found out that he was helping the Templars find the Apple of Eden. This was interesting because the whole time he was in the memories they were willing to kill him to get the Apple. A question I have is why did his mother have her father kill her instead of going into hiding?


Dead Rising 4

A game that came out 17 days ago was Dead Rising 4. Dead Rising 4 is a open world survival horror game that is on Xbox One. I think that the pass Dead Rising games were good so if I get this one I will definitely enjoy it. I think this because when I play games I like to kill wave after wave of enemies. A question I have is will the zombies and the other survivors attack you at the same time or will they fight each other as well?

Trimester 1 Assembly

Earlier this morning during the first period of class there was a assembly. The assembly was for giving out awards to people based on their grades and performance in school. I got 0 awards even though I thought I would get the Independent Reading Award. I’m not really surprised because my grades were not very good and I was late more than 8 times so I couldnt get the Perfect Attendance award




Drive Ahead

This blog post is about how I beat my friend Kaamil Gilmore in a game called Drive Ahead. Everyday Kaamil challenges me to play a game of Drive Ahead because he thinks he’s better than me, but I’ve beaten him 15 times and he’s only beaten me 7 times. I think that I’m better than Kaamil. I think I’m better than him because whenever he wins it’s by chance and he always calls me trash but when it comes down to playing the game I’m the best. The only question that i have is why he thinks he’s better than me even though I’ve proven I’m the best?drive-ahead-mod-unlimited-money-v1-27-apk